About us

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We, Benjamin, Sabine, Sem and Lotte have been living at Casa Tartufo since 2007. Previously Benjamin used to work as a project manager and Sabine as a makeup artist in The Netherlands. At that time we decided to change our lives dramatically, and so we started our own vacation rental / bed and breakfast here in Italy.

Not only an exciting step for us to take, but also for our children. Sem was only seven years old and Lotte five years old when we decided to move to Italy. Fortunately by now they have gotten used to the Italian life and they sometimes act like true blonde Italians!

Until this day we haven’t had any regrets about moving to this beautiful country. We have seized the opportunity to make a dream come true and are still enjoying every moment of it. We are very fortunate with the location where we have settled, with it’s magical view, the beautiful surrounding villages and of course the nearby sea. And let’s not forget the beautiful weather!

To us the Italians are very kind and sociable, helping us in every which way they can. This made us feel at home in no time. And we did not even mention the delicious and large amount of food that we enjoy every day… la bella vita! 

An Italian dream

With our accommodation we participated in the well known Dutch TV program Ik Vertrek. Another well known Dutch TV program – called De Italiaanse Droom (the Italian dream) – also highlighted our area (Piticchio).

Have you become curious about our own Italian dream? Then please take a look at our YouTube video for a short impression: