Starting from the autostrada A14 Bologna / Ancona

After Rimini you will reach the Fano exit a.o.

Your route navigation will probably advise you to take this exit. We think it is better to take the next one (after 14 km): exit Marrotta.

After the toll booths turn right to Pergola and follow that direction until San Lorenzo in Campo.

At San Lorenzo in Campo turn left towards Arcevia (after the school on your right side)

After the first exit Carbernardi, take the second exit Carbernardi (right).

At Cabernardi at the end of the road, across the store / bar, turn left.

Leave Cabernardi until you approach a blue sign that says “Loc Vallotica” on the right side (after 3 km) and you also will see a sharp turn on your left.

Turn left here towards Doglio / Sementana / Rotondo.

After 1,8 km take a short turn to the right, towards Doglio.

And there it is… Casa Tartufo! (after the turn on the right)

Starting from Ancona airport

Take the freeway towards Rome. Follow it until it changes into a two-lane road.

After passing a few tunnels take the Genga/Grotte di Frasassi exit and head towards Grotte di Frasassi.

After the Grotte (you will be driving through some kind of gap) follow the direction towards Sassoferrato.

At Sassoferrato follow the direction towards Pergola. After leaving Sassoferrato head towards Pergola on the provincial road.

After passing a small brick bridge take the exit on your right towards Rotondo/Monterosso/Cabernardi. This (new) mountain road leads upwards.

Be sure to stay on the new (asphalt) road and follow that direction until you reach the exit on your left that leads to Rotondo/Cabernardi.

Follow this direction until you reach Rotondo.

When passing a white church on your right side, stay on the right. This road leads downwards.

When arrived at the stop sign, head straight on upwards. Keep on following this curly road until you will reach some grey containers on the left side.

Just after the containers you will see a sign that says “Casa Tartufo” and you need to continu via the road on the left upwards. After the first turn on the left you will see Casa Tartufo.